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Las Vegas DUI Lawyer

Our Las Vegas DUI lawyer offers immediate help if you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance in Las Vegas, NV. Therefore, we advise you to get in touch with DUI lawyer as soon as the opportunity presents. Our skilled Las Vegas DUI attorney will defend your rights and will make sure all the necessary steps and action are taken in order to reach successful outcome. Because we know the criminal DUI law and know ways to avoid DUI conviction and penalties.

Our Las Vegas DUI lawyer will develop individualized defense tactic for you depending on facts of your case. Consequently, our law team is always available for you and will make sure each case is treated uniquely and the defense techniques are the most effective. Each client is highly important to our lawyer and we will treat you with the respect. Our clients will receive full undivided attention from our attorney, because we care greatly for the positive outcome.

Our criminal defense law firm specializes in DUI defense and dedicated to helping clients all over Las Vegas. Therefore, our main office is located near Downtown of Las Vegas just a few blocks from the Justice Center where the most DUI cases are heard. Also, our drunk driving defense team of lawyers is highly knowledgeable and familiar with the system and the prosecution.

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Defense Against DUI In Las Vegas

Most importantly, there are a few steps that are time sensitive and need to be taken within a few days after your arrest. Therefore, our Las Vegas DUI Lawyer will make sure you know all of those steps and will help you take care of the work those steps require. For instance, one of the most time sensitive is the Administrative DMV hearing. The DMV hearing needs to be requested within ten days from your arrest for DUI. Also, at this administrative hearing the predestination of your driver’s license will be decided. Although, even if you lose the DMV hearing and your license will be suspended by the DMV, you will still win some extra time, six weeks at most, to make your transportation arrangements for the period of suspension.

Ignition Interlock Device Information

Did you know the installation of ignition interlock devices might be ordered for all vehicles you drive? As a result of DUI arrest, the judge might and most likely will order you to go through months of alcohol awareness program and may require you to install Ignition Interlock Device. An IID or BAIID is a breathalyzer equipment that requires you to breath inside it before you start a car. And if you have consumed any amount of alcohol, you will fail the test and your car will not be able to start up. Another precaution to make sure a person does not commit any drunk driving while on probation.

It is less likely you will be obligated to install Ignition Interlock Device right after the first DUI offense. IIDs are usually ordered to install for the second or the third DUI offenses.

Proven DUI Defense Strategy

At the time of your arrest, the arresting officer should provide you with a few important documents. Furthermore, these documents explain your rights, procedure and consequences of your offence. Hence, it is important to carefully and attentively read these documents, because it has valuable information on how you can challenge the suspension of your driver’s license at the administrative hearing and the entire case in court.

Our legal team at Las Vegas Lawyers is very diverse and offers you a unique perspective. Because of that, some of our lawyers have experience as public defenders, others as prosecutors, which provide a great opportunity to be able to know what the prosecution is looking for to build a perfect case. As a result of having an experience of being on the other side of the law specifically, it is giving our DUI lawyer in Las Vegas  a possibility to better prepare your defense knowing weakest and strongest sides of the prosecution.

Avoid Driver’s License Suspension

Because of the DUI serious complications, it is highly beneficial for your case to hire our experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney to avoid possible issues in your case. In addition, a refusal to submit to breathalyzer or blood test will most likely result in a suspension of your driver’s license for a year. Our experienced attorneys will be able to help you with challenging the suspension and prepare all the case material for a record seal.

It is important not to lose time and call our Las Vegas DUI lawyers for help right away. Furthermore, if you fail to request the administrative hearing or fail to submit proper documentation, as a result, the suspension will take effect within 30 days after your arrest. Because of that, our Las Vegas DUI attorney will make sure you understand the procedures and will be with you every step of the way.

2016 – Case Results Chart: DUI Defense

  • Cases Dismissed at Pre-Trial 71%71%
  • Reduced To Lower Charges 17%17%
  • Charges Reduced To Infraction 7%7%
  • Case Dismissal After 1-Year 5%5%
  • Client Found Guilty / Plea 0%1%

5 Defense Tips to Consider From Las Vegas DUI Attorney

DUI lawyer in Las VegasThere are a few possible defense tactics available in DUI cases and our Las Vegas DUI lawyer will go over these with you. Bellow is the list of several points which are important for your defense:

  1. Lack of probable cause. In order to stop you, a police officer needs to have a probable cause or reasonable suspicion. Therefore, some of the most common reasons for stopping a vehicle under suspension of DUI are disregarding speed limit, traffic signs or weaving to the right or to the left on the road. While the moving violation is a good reason to pull you over, the swerving your broken tail light might not be enough. More importantly, Las Vegas DUI attorney will ask you questions in order to determine whether or not the officer had a probable cause to stop you. And if there was no probable cause the case may be dismissed.
  2. Violations in breathalyzer or blood test administration procedure. Generally speaking, there are few possible ways to challenge your breathalyzer and blood tests. For instance, State of Nevada has strict regulations on how often the breathalyzers need to be serviced and inspected for errors and omissions. Hence, these rules are overlooked sometimes and the breathalyzers do not receive proper service. When it comes to a blood test, there might be some errors made while administering test. Specifically, there is a rising blood level aspect to consider.
  3. Insufficient evidence of impairment
  4. Failure to read Miranda Rights
  5. Satisfactory performance on the field sobriety test


Let Our Highly Experienced DUI Lawyers Help You Through The Process

avvo logoOne of the most common asked questions our legal team members face at the free consultation is how to plea. Therefore it is a very important question, because it will set the entire case. And if you plead “guilty” to your Drunk Driving charges in Las Vegas court, you will most likely be facing high fines of nearly $10,000, depending on the circumstances of your case. Also, if you happen to be under the age of 21 years when you were arrested, you will most certainly lose your driver’s license for a minimum of one year. Hence, if you are licensed to drive in states other than Nevada, you might lose all the licenses you have if you fail to request a DMV administrative hearing. And we work as hard as possible to to help our clients keep their licenses.

A Las Vegas DUI Attorney You Can Trust!

While you might think that you are better off defending your case yourself basing your tactic on information available online and on free consultation, as a result of working on your case on your own, you are significantly lowering your chances of dropping or even mitigating your punishment. Contrary, you will most likely raise your court fees. Therefore, let an experienced Las Vegas DUI lawyer help you through the process. Yet, hiring a public defender might be helpful, as they are very experienced, but public defenders often have their hands full with numerous cases and they might simply not have enough time to review all facts and evidence the prosecution might have. We also do DUI criminal defense in Boulder, Henderson, Sunrise ManorMesquito and Moapa Valley.

DUI Attorney Las Vegas
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