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If you or your loved ones were arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Boulder NV, it is best to make sure that you take quick actions and get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Boulder DUI attorney at the earliest opportunity. This may help in changing the sentence and even dismissing the case to begin with. Our attorneys are going to work hard on the case, as though it will be going to the trial and our comprehensive as well as genuinely thorough preparation will result in establishing some serious inconsistencies in the case and closing it.

Some individual simply plead guilty and are suffering from the harsh penalties. However, after examining the vast majority of such cases, we are able to determine that there were great defense possibilities that could result in much more favorable outcome:

  • Case could be dismissed
  • Charges could be reduced
  • Sentence could be altered

Right after the DUI arrest took place, it is important not to lose any time and to contact a qualified as well as experienced Boulder DUI lawyer as soon as possible. The more time you will waste, the less are the chances to find a greater outcome for you. Hence, you are going to have less than 10 days to find a great lawyer that will represent you during the administrative DMV hearing.

A lot of individuals do not know that there are two parts of the DUI charges. First one consists of the administrative DMV hearing – it is meant to review the suspension of one’s driver’s license. The second part is the actual criminal hearing that takes place in front of the judge. Once you speak with one of our lawyers within seven days of the arrest, you are going to be able to have great legal representation during the hearing. Furthermore, at times, you will also have the opportunity to have the DUI lawyer appear in court on your behalf.

Boulder DUI Attorney Representation in Nevada

Representing a person charged with DUI will take experienced and skills. Our law firm is working on the market for a very long time now and has a great success rate, so we know exactly how to defend our clients in court. We are quite experienced in DUI. It does not matter whether our client is experiencing his or her very first DUI arrest or perhaps it is a repeated offense, we are always ready to help. We realize that DUI penalties could prove to be utterly detrimental and this is one of the many reasons why we are doing our best to help our clients protected their legal rights in court.

We are more than capable of handling just about any kind of DUI related charges. These may well include the following:

  • Underage DUI for college students
  • DUI accidents that resulted in vehicular manslaughter charges
  • DUI charges that are related to cannabis
  • DUI assault
  • DUI for Non-Nevada residents

If you were arrested and charged with DUI in Boulder NV, please call our law offices at (702) 978-6137 or fill out online contact form.

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