DUI With Injury

DUI With Injury And Legal Penalties

DUI with injuryDUI with injury; People, who are driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances represent a genuine danger not only to themselves, but also to the individuals around them, including passengers, other drivers and even pedestrians. The law is very unforgiving when it comes to driving while being intoxicated. Furthermore, even driving with an open bottle of alcohol equals breaking the law. This is due to the fact that so many DUI accidents happen every day and thousands of people are injured or killed during those tragic incidents.

If a person is charged with a DUI with injury, chances are, he or she might be sentenced to prison. The more severe are the injuries of the victim, the more time the driver will have to spend behind bars. Additional penalties for DUI with injury may include driver’s license revocation or suspension as well as expensive fines – up to $5000. Moreover, if the DUI offender was operating his or her vehicle with an underage passenger, the sentence is going to be aggravated, more jail time can be added to the verdict. Overall, some DUI drivers risk spending up to 20 years in state prison, which is definitely the most frightening option of all.

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With that said, in most DUI cases, not everything is as simple as it may seem. The law enforcement authorities are always quite eager to put the blame on the driver, who had one or two drinks, without even admitting that the other driver may have been intoxicated as well. External factors may have caused the accident, which is also a possibility that the judge and the prosecution will need to consider.

If you or perhaps your loved ones were charged with DUI involving injuries, it is crucial not to lose any time and to get in touch with a qualified as well as genuinely experienced DUI defense attorney at the earliest opportunity. Only a good lawyer will be capable of determining who was the one that caused the accident and convincing the judge and the prosecution to minimize the sentence.

An experienced attorney will go through all the evidence that the court has against you, including the police reports, witness statements as well as blood tests. At times, the sobriety tests are inaccurate or the police reports lack in details, which leads to misunderstanding that may well cost you your freedom. DUI cases that involve injuries or death are very serious and can lead to severe penalties. If you wish to avoid harsh penalties, you need to have a perfect defense on your side. A criminal specialist who had to deal with similar cases before. If you do not want to spend years in prison and do not want to have DUI with injury on your criminal record, do not hesitate to find an attorney that will not let you down. If you were arrested and charged with DUI involving injury, contact us immediately!

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