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Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance for the first time may be overwhelming, stressful and confusing. Not knowing the procedures is frustrating and worrisome. Facing such consequences as losing driving license or freedom is frightening. Las Vegas DUI Lawyer is there for you and will help fight your DUI charges and mitigate all possible consequences. Our lawyer will make sure you understand the procedures and will protect your rights in court. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will improve your chances for positive outcome.

Las Vegas DUI Lawyer understands your fears and concerns and has all the necessary knowledge and experience to help you through your legal turmoil. Our office offers a free initial case review, which will give you a chance to discuss your case with a lawyer and get answers to all your questions and concerns. Las Vegas DUI Lawyer will go over all the details and circumstances of your arrest and will develop a unique defense strategy.

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These days, nearly all respectable law firms offer a free case review and we strongly recommend our potential clients to take advantage of this opportunity. We encourage everyone to set up at least three consultations with three different law offices in order to ensure you will make an informed decision when selecting your representation.

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The initial case review is beneficial not only for a client, but for the lawyer as well, because it provides a unique opportunity to get to know the potential client and understand what he views as a positive outcome. We also emphasize that the initial case review has to be held in the office, not over the phone, with the same attorney who will represent you in court. It is very important to be able to build trusting relationship with your lawyer and this first one on one meeting will help you establish such a connection.

During your one on one initial free case review, the lawyer will ask you to recount in detail circumstances of your arrest. It is crucial to your case to be completely honest with your lawyer and not to withhold anything. Schedule your free consultation now.