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In the event that you or perhaps your loved ones were charged with DUI in Henderson, it is obvious that you will need a qualified as well as genuinely experienced Henderson DUI attorney to back you up. A knowledgeable Henderson DUI lawyer will have what it takes to help you deal with any and all legal consequences, making sure that your rights are being respected in court.

It is crucial to make sure that your rights are protected. You should use every available resource to do so. We have managed to help plenty of people just like you in Henderson as well as the Las Vegas Valley. We have been on the market for more than three decades already.

Even though not all the people know it, Las Vegas is actually divided into three separate as well as completely independent cities. We are talking about The City of North Las Vegas, The City of Las Vegas, and The City of Henderson. Chances are, you would not even notice leaving one city and entering another. Nevertheless, in case you are charged for DUI in Henderson, things will be done in a different way.

Our professional Henderson DUI lawyer started law practice in order to defend the people Henderson back in 1988. The Henderson DUI Defense Law offices are located in a very convenient spot – right next door to the Henderson Courts and Jail.

In case you were charged with a misdemeanor DUI or felony DUI in Henderson, the case will go to the Henderson Municipal Court. However, if the case is a felony or at least a gross misdemeanor, it will go to the Henderson Justice Court. Both are positioned at 243 South Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015. On the other hand, Henderson Detention Center is located at 18 E. Basic Rd. Henderson, NV 89015.

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Once a person is getting a Nevada driver’s license, he or she is agreeing to follow all the implied consent laws. This basically implies that in case you are going to be pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or maybe driving while intoxicated (DWI), you will have to agree to have your breath, urine or blood examined in order to establish the precise BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration).

If you are going to refuse to submit yourself to the rest, the authorities will suspend your driving privileges. Also, you are going to get a temporary permit that will be valid for seven more days after the arrest took place.

Any person that will be found driving the streets of Henderson with a BAC that equals or surpasses the .08 threshold, will be arrested and consequently charged with DUI offense. Furthermore, in case you are a commercial driver, you will be facing DUI charges in case your BAC equals or surpasses the .04 limit. Finally, minor who have not yet reached 21 years of age, will be charged with a DUI crime in case their BAC equals or surpasses the .02 limits.

If your were arrested and charged with DUI in Henderson, please contact our Henderson DUI lawyers at (702) 978-6137  for your free consultation or fill out online contact form to request case review.

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