Multiple DUI Offenses

Multiple DUI Offense Information

Multiple DUIBeing charged with multiple DUIs are very serious and may lead to some serious consequences. The law enforcement authorities are genuinely very strict when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, so you can expect some harsh legal punishments.

With that said, you will risk losing your driver’s license. It is a harsh blow, even though you will be granted a 30-days driving permit. However, you have the right to fight back for your driver’s license. You will need to file a request to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and initiate an administrative hearing. You only have 10 days after the arrest or you will lose the license.

Losing the license is not the only legal punishment that you will have to worry about. You will need to pay expensive fines, including restitution as well as court fees. Community service is also a very common part of the punishment. Ignition interlock device in your vehicle, obligatory purchase of SR22 insurance for high risk drivers may also be included in the verdict. Finally, probation, jail time or time in state prison may also be included, depending on the circumstances.

Avoid Harsh Penalties

If you were previously accused for driving under the influence, the penalties may be even harsher – you will have to pay more expensive fines and will be sentenced to a longer jail time. Furthermore, some people have an actual series of multiple DUI offenses behind them. Sure enough, the prosecution as well as the judge will not take it lightly. The prosecution is going to do its best to get you the maximum penalties, the judge will not be as convinced by your arguments and the jury will not hesitate when it will come to the verdict.

Although defending a person with multiple DUIs is very difficult, it is still possible to come up with a legal defense strategy that will be effective. Therefore, if you were charged with multiple DUIs, it is imperative not to lose any time. Were you aware that the fourth DUI will be viewed by the court as a felony? Hence, it is best to hire a professional and highly experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney, who will be capable of defending an individual with multiple DUIs properly.

There are a variety of legal defense strategies that good lawyers will use in order to convince the judge, the jury and the prosecution to minimize the sentence. If you wish to avoid all the most severe penalties, it is best to avoid hiring a public attorney. Although they often know what they are doing, they mostly have their hands full, so it is best to work with a professional who will do his best to fight for your rights. If you need help of a DUI specialist, contact us today!

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