Out-of-State DUI

Out-of-State DUI: How It Will Affect Me?

Out-of-State DUIIf you were charged with out-of-state DUI in another state, outside of your own, the International Driver’s Compact is going to be applied. It implies “One Driver, One License, One Record”, which basically means that if you are charged with a DUI in another state and convicted there, you can also expect that your native state is going to impose legal penalties as well.

With that said, even though the arresting law enforcement officer will not be able to take your driver’s license if you are from another state, he or she will still provide you with a special document, which will state that your license is going to be suspended after 30 days. You will have 10 days to initiate an administrative DMV hearing, where you will be able to argue about this decision. Furthermore, the DMV will also notify the Department of Motor Vehicle of your state about the arrest in case the DMV is part of the International Driver’s Compact. 44 states all over the nation are currently part of this compact, so there is a pretty big chance that your native DMV is also part of it.

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If you were convicted out of state, you will need a good legal representative to help you handle both the DMV and the criminal court. If you were charged with a misdemeanor DUI offense, chances are, you will not need to be present in court so you will have the opportunity to have your lawyer deal with the issue on your behalf. If you are accused of a felony DUI, most likely you will need to be present on every hearing.

When it comes to any kind of crime, you have several ways to handle it. First of all, you can try and deal with it yourself. Yet, representing yourself during the court hearing is a very bad idea – after all, you do not know all the laws, do not have the necessary expertise and skills and may well make it all worse. You can work with a public attorney. Despite a very popular opinion, these guys are very qualified to handle various cases. Thing is – they have their hands full most of the time, so they will not be able to devote enough attention to you.

When it comes to out-of-state DUI, especially if you are prosecuted out of state, it is very important to find a qualified as well as genuinely experienced legal representative, who will use his knowledge to help you. It is important to understand that the law enforcement authorities are often mistaken or too quick to judge, especially in the DUI cases. So, in your best interest, it is imperative to go over every available piece of evidence in order to establish a solid defense. If you were charged with Out-of-State DUI, contact us now!

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