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The confidentiality and complete privacy of my clients is of immense importance to me as well as my business. Everything you are going to discuss with the attorney, with just a few exceptions, is going to remain completely confidential. All the info you are going to provide me with regarding your DUI arrest will not be disclosed to any third party without your written consent.

However, in order to get qualified legal representation on the DUI case, we recommend you to be 100% honest even despite the fact that there may be some things that you are ashamed of, you must still be honest, since it will never surprise or shock the DUI lawyer. It is critical for you to tell the truth in order for me to come up with a solid defense strategy.

Furthermore, not information that is collected from any person on the give website is not stored or given to the third parties other than the DUI lawyer himself. The attorney is not going to sell or rent the info under any circumstances to the third party.

Any kind of info that we gather is going to be used solely to respond to you in regards to the reason why you got in touch with us and unless you ask us not to, we are going to respond to your email or will get in touch with you via email to tell you more about the subjects that may be of interest to you.

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