Record Seal

Record Seal

Record SealBeing convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance may take a toll on your life. Having a criminal record, regardless of a level of conviction, is serious hit on your reputation, work and personal relation. Luckily, the state of Nevada does not obligate you to keep your criminal record through your life.

With a DUI on your record you may struggle with finding new job or new housing. Criminal records are public information and can be accessed through governmental databases. Hence, anyone who has an authority to pull a background report will become aware of your DUI conviction. However, this struggle is temporary for those who were convicted of a misdemeanor DUI.

What is “Record Seal”

Your criminal record is contemplated a public information and as such is available and easily accessible through governmental databases. In order to protect your reputation you can petition to seal, or remove, your criminal records from all databases.  If a judge rules for your record to be sealed, your information will no longer be available and open for public. However, your record will still be kept and could be accessed by prosecution in case you were arrested for second DUI.

Often, “record seal” gets mixed up with expunging. Expunging your records would mean nearly completely extracting your criminal records, which probably is by far most preferable outcome. However, the state of Nevada does not allow expunging of criminal records and the “record seal” is the best you can hope for.

Who is eligible for “Record Seal”

The eligibility for record seal in Nevada depends on a number of factors. Since each DUI case is unique we recommend consulting with Las Vegas DUI Lawyer, who will review your case and help you determine when and whether or not you are eligible for the record seal. Las Vegas DUI Lawyer will help you petition for record seal, which will significantly elevate your chances of receiving an approval.

There are a few situations in which you would be eligible for record seal right away. For instance, if Las Vegas DUI Lawyer reviewed your case and found inconsistency in a list of evidences provided by arresting police officer, which led to dismissal of your case. If your case was dismissed you are eligible for record seal the minute the judge made the decision.

On the other hand, you might never be eligible for the record seal, for instance, if you were convicted of felony DUI. For that reason, a consultation with an experienced Las Vegas DUI Lawyer is highly recommended before petitioning for record seal.

However, if you were convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in the state of Nevada, you should be eligible for the record seal seven years after your conviction. Once again, all DUI cases are different and might involve numerous factors, consulting Las Vegas DUI Lawyer will help you determine your eligibility and will take away confusion from this complicated procedure. 

Eligibility does not guarantee you a “Record Seal”

Unfortunately, record seal in Nevada is not a guaranteed outcome even if you are eligible on all grounds. Once you submit your petition for record seal, the court will review your case and make a decision. Hence, whether your records be sealed or not depends entirely on a judge. However, you can significantly improve your chances by hiring Las Vegas DUI Lawyer, who has enough experience to help you ensure successful outcome.

If you recently been arrested for DUI, it is too early to request a record seal. Please refer to information about you DUI arrest on our homepage.

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